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Boiler Equipment Company, Inc. was started in 1955 and incorporated in 1971. The company has steadily grown to its present position as the largest full service company in East Tennessee for boilers, support equipment, laundry, dry cleaning equipment, water treatment equipment, air compressor and secondary fuel support systems.

Boiler equipment has refined its connections with suppliers and manufacturers to represent some of the finest equipment available. Boiler Equipment is proud of on going relationships that have been in effect for over thirty years.

It is Boiler Equipment’s goal to supply the equipment that is best suited for the customer’s application and desires. Boiler Equipment is proud to say that it has had relationships with customers that have lasted thirty years. In this day of "Johnny come lately" suppliers; Boiler Equipment has stood the test of time.

National Board "R" Number R1250


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Office 1.865.525-0771

Fax 1.865.525-4164

Watts 1.800.252.2345


Boiler Equipment Company
1443 6th Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37917

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